Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Choosing The Best Graphic Card For Your Ultrawide

When it comes to technology products, there are things to talk about; whether it is about the features or specifications, or the build quality, and many more. And these things become what you need to consider before buying a certain technology product, including nicer sibling of wider screen; Ultrawide monitor. There are many hardware aspects of ultrawides that maybe hard to understand for those who are not a computer geek.

Important Aspects of Ultrawide Monitor

In every technology product there always be some aspects that are more focal or important than others. Those aspects are resolution, contrast ratio that greatly affect the image on the monitor. There are also refresh rate, input delay, pixel pitch and response time. Most of the time, these things did not fully understood by costumers.

When the output image is not good enough, they cannot tell what will be the probable aspects that need to be upgraded or repaired. Thus, it is always better to know those aspects before buying an ultrawide, because monitor is not a hardware that frequently replaced; most people buy it for a long-term use.

What is the Best Graphic Card for Ultrawide Monitor

Now we are talking about how to choose the right graphic card for your ultrawides. Firstly, it is about what you are doing with your ultrawide. If you just use it for photo editing, working with data, or watching movies and videos, chances are you only need built-in and medium level graphic card, no need to stress over it.

Things are not the same with gamers, they focus on the color image, mobility of the image and many other things that you probably heard only from computer geek or gamers. Thus, gamers need specific graphic cards based on the resolution of the monitor, and also the refresh rate.

I would give it go for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 for a monitor with 2560x1080 resolution, this way you can have a better gameplay than that of GTX 660. If you are planning to get a wider monitor, in this case is 34 inch, you can choose AMD Radeon R9 290x for your monitor. 

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